The repository contains the latest development version of WackoWiki.

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"most development is about "micro-forks" and people don't even think of them as real forks at all"
The big thing is to not think too big – you don't start out by rewriting some subsystem. Start out with some small annoyance, and see if you can fix it. And do something you're really interested in if you're not really interested, you'll lose your motivation.

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  • wacko
  • community
    • themes
  • stable
  • dev
  • default
  • 4.3
  • 5.0
  • 4.3.0
  • 5.0.3
  • 5.5.0


  • stable – should always be safe to pull from
  • dev – team integration area


  • 7.x branch is for PHP 7.0 and unicode support
  • 5.x branch is for PHP 5.3 / 7.0
  • 4.3 branch is for PHP 4 / 5.2 legacy maintenance


Mercurial access

# hosting stable dev remarks
main repository
1 wackowiki/stable/ wackowiki/dev/ main repository
hg clone wackowiki-stable

read/write *
hg clone ssh:// wackowiki-stable

* "USERNAME" represents your user account. You can gain commit access if you prove yourself worthy by sending good patches regularly.
team integration repository
2 wackowiki-stable wackowiki-dev This one is a mirror with same content.
Please clone into wackowiki-team-developer workspace under /wackowiki location


How To

You can view or download the source code directly from the website without needing to be registered or logged in.
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